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Now Cinderella.” Drizella pushed her over and sat on her stomach, putting her hands on Cinderella’s tits. “They are so big Cinderella. So beautiful.” She bent over and put her mouth on them pulling on them with her lips then nibbling them with her teeth. Cinderella cried out and Drizella twined her hands in Cinderella’s hair. Cinderella ran her hands down her sister’s back and cupped her ass. Drizella rocked back and forth on Cinderella’s body before putting her cunt up against Cinderella’s huge tits. She pulled her lips open and rubbed the giant globe against her clit. The skin was soft and lush and though she knew Cinderella was having hard time breathing because of the weight she didn’t care.

“Lick me!” Drizella commanded sitting on Cinderella’s already sticky wet face. “Lick!” Cinderella did as she was told, working her tongue on Drizella’s clit and hole the way she had Anastasia’s.

Drizella roughly rocked back and forth smashing Cinderella’s nose against her clit.

“Cinderella! Yes! Yes! Oh faster! Harder!” Cinderella wedged a hand under Drizella’s leg and immediately two fingers into Drizella’s hole, shoving her pinky into her asshole. Drizella screamed in pain and smacked Cinderella’s tit six times, leaving hand prints red and swollen. But Cinderella’s fingers began to feel good. She worked them in time with her tongue and soon Drizella was pouring her cum onto her step-sister’s hands and face. “CINDERELLAAAA!” Drizella screamed loudly. She fell backwards her head cushioned between Cinderella’s legs.

“If you would have said something earlier I might have been doing that a while back.” Cinderella said with a chuckle.

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Drizella stood and rolled Cinderella over with her foot. She parted Cinderella’s ass cheeks with one hand. She put a finger in her mouth and got it a little wet before dipping it in her cunt and shoved into Cinderella’s ass. Cinderella cried out in pain again and again as Drizella retracted and jammed her finger inside Cinderella to emphasize her point.

“You! Will! Tell! No! One!” Cinderella nodded whimpering.

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