Aunt Maggie Green & Step Mother Karen Fisher Fuck Daughter!

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I drew her back onto the couch with me. I cradled her in my arms and kissed her passionately. I didn’t mind that she could taste my cum in her mouth. (It wasn’t my first taste of cum, and it certainly wouldn’t be the last, whether mine or someone else’s.)

As I held her in my arms, she leaned into me, her right leg wrapped over my left. I messed with her hair and kissed her on the cheek. The only sound we could hear while we sat silently was the television. I could feel the heat exiting her pussy against my calf and smell the musty odor

of her soaked pussy. I could tell she was primed, ready, and, most importantly, desirous.

“I appreciate it.” “Are you at ease?” I inquired.
“I suppose a little bit, but definitely better than I was.”
“A smidgeononononononononononononon

We sat on the couch for another 10 minutes or so, hugging each other. We didn’t say anything, just enjoyed our forbidden love. I kept playing with her hair, but I also began to gently stroke her back and sides. As I moved my hand slowly up, caressing the side of her breast, I would delicately touch her flesh.

After another 5 minutes of my mild touches, she glanced up at me and we resumed our kissing. The kisses started out sweet and passionate, but quickly became sexually charged. I reached over and began caressing and pinching her tits with my right hand. She gradually began to grind her hot pussy on my leg.

“Would you please fuck me now, son?” She whispered in my ear.
“Sit back, I’m going to eat your pussy.” “No,” I informed her.