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It had been a long time and Dad knew he would not last long. Sure enough he could feel the load building and Mom could feel it too and started going deeper and sucking harder. Kay sucked one of Dads balls in her mouth and that was enough to drive him over the edge. He was groining out loud as he filled Mom’s mouth with all his stored up cum. Kay backed off and told Mom, “don’t be a greedy pig, you need to share”. Mom pulled Kay by the arm as she clamped her hand down on Dads cock. Kay took over to receive the remaining cum. Mom raised up to meet Dads lips and shared his own cum with him in a passionate kiss. Kay licked Dad’s cock clean then shared a cum coated kiss with both of them.

Kay grabbed Dad by the hand, picked up a bag and lead the way to the bath room. Dad knew Kay was a real ass freak and she would be sure they were all cleaned up in that area. They all went through their enema then took a shower together in the small shower. They soaked in the hot water, giving each other soap massages. Kay wasted no time moving from one to the other spreading their ass cheeks licking and tongue fucking their ass.

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Then she stood up and backed up to Mom and Dad and pulled her ass cheeks apart. She smiled at then and said “one a peace to start if you don’t mind. Dad and Mom put their index fingers together and pushed them into Kay’s soaped up ass. She lean forward to give then better access , threw her head back and let out a loud moan. “Oh fuck I love this, one of you add another finger. Mom nodded at Dad and he added his middle finger..

Kay was really getting into it, she had two of her fingers jammed to the hilt in her pussy, her thumb massaging her clit and rocking back and forth on the three fingers in her ass.. She started getting shaky in the knees and Mom and Dad had to help hold her up. When she started Cumming she started screaming and her pussy was squirting so much it looked like she was pissing . Mom moved around and caught some of it in her mouth. As soon as Kay settled down they rinsed off and stepped out of the shower, dried each other off and head back to the bedroom. Dad told us he could give us more play by play descriptions but it would be easer to just tell you that in the nest few days we indulged in everything of pleasure we could possibly come up with out.

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