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I think I might have just the solution!” she then said.
Then as she continued to rest against me, her hand squeezed and groped my crotch, and I began breathing heavier and faster at her touch, before I watched her other hand move it’s way down over her dress, and then slip between her legs and under her dress out of sight.
For the next few minutes she continued to fondle my cotch, squeezing the life into my cock, that was now full hard and begging to be released, while she was now clearly fingering her own sweet little pussy in front of me, her younger stepbrother.
“Oh I need to feel this!” she moaned softly, giving my cock another good squeeze.

And then she pushed herself back wards up onto me, until suddenly she was now sat on my lap, and my her sweet bare pussy was resting right on top of my hard jean covered cock.
“Hailey” I muttered realising this was going to far “Our parents could come in any minute!”
“Oh relax little bro!” she replied “Mom’s gone out shopping, and dad’s next door talking to Tony”
Then she began to grind herself against my crotch, before saying “We are all alone, for the next hour!”

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“Oh god!” I muttered as her little soft arse cheeks began pressing into my waist, while her little wet pussy worked it self against my jean bulge.
“Yeah, you like that don’t you?” she asked softly “You like your stepsister grinding on your crotch!”
“Oh god!” I moaned back enjoying the sensation, even though I knew I shouldn’t be, and should be trying to stop this right now.
But I didn’t, I couldn’t, because I really was enjoying it, and with out thinking about it, I wrapped my arms and her slim waist and held onto her as she continued to grind against me.

“Oh Sammy, this bulge of yours feels so big and hard against my little wet pussy!” she groaned “But your jeans are chaffing me!”
Then she turned her head and stared at me “Perhaps I should undo them, what do you think?”
“Err…” I replied because part of me was screaming yes! yes! while the other part of me was screaming No! No! this is your stepsister you idiot!
“Okay” was all I finally managed to say, and then my stepsister grinned at me.

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And as she continued to stare at me, her hand reached down, and slowly began to pull my zip down, and with out breaking eye contact once, her hand pulled my zip down fully and instantly my hard cock popped out, and then we both gasped as my hard cockhead rubbed up against her wet bare pussy.

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