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“Well, no,” Jo admitted, “Not if she knew it was you, but I have a plan for that.” As she said this she stopped jerking me off. I frowned at that, thinking this fun was over, but then saw that Jo was very swiftly taking all her clothes off, “First I need to make sure that you’re good enough for my Ava.” As soon as she was naked she kneeled in front of me on my bedroom floor, I watched in awe as my own, stacked, blonde stepmom grabbed my 10″ dick and sucked the first few inches into her mouth,

She stopped sucking for a second to say, “Now, I’m going to suck you off for five minutes, if you cum during that time, we’ll both forget about this and never talk about it to anyone, agreed.”

I scowled at that idea, especially since I never had a blowjob before so I knew I wasn’t going to last long, but then I had an idea, “Okay, but only if I get to lick your pussy at the same time.” I said, feeling somewhat cheeky about it. I figure if I’m never going to get to do anything with Jo again, I might as well get to taste my first cunt while I’m at it.

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Jo was already sucking my cock again as I said this and she moaned around my dick as I said this to her. She didn’t even take her dick out of her mouth as she started to rotate around the bed, I laid back on the bed, knowing I got what I wanted, at least, and soon she was laying on top of me, my cock deep in her mouth as I felt her tongue dancing from my cockhead down the top of my shaft and back again as her beautiful, tight pussy came into view, inches from my face.

I took her ass and forced her down on me. I immediately began licking everything I could. Her labia, her clit, into her cunt and all around it, up to her asshole for a couple licks before moving back to her moist fuckhole. I was in heaven as I lapped away, loving the taste and feel of my stepmother’s most private place.

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