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Overwhelmed by the rapid onslaught, Katie cried out, thighs closing around Lilians head, hips bucking in an effort to get away, but also closer. There was time for one sharp gasp before Lilian’s focused attention flung Katie off the brink and into sweet bliss.

Only a handful of minutes had passed when Katie opened her eyes, body warm and relaxed in the rumpled comforter. She licked dry lips and looked around, finding Lilian still between her legs, head resting on her thigh watching her own fingers play with the mussed curls gracing Katie’s pubic mound. The twitch of Katie’s fingers in her hair pulled Lilian’s attention up her body, warm brown eyes meeting hers.

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“Hey, you’re back.” Lilian’s smile was soft.

“Didn’t go anywhere. Just took a lil nap.” Katie detangled her hand from Lilian’s hair, smoothing it back from her forehead. “Gotta be well rested to take care of you, too.”

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