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Arielle stared at me, her blue eyes flying open wide, a look of disgust and revulsion crossing her face. "What!" she cried.

I kept smiling. "I wonder how long it would take Johnathan to dump you if he saw you sucking off another guy?" I asked rhetorically. "Man, I bet he'd be really pissed—"

"Whoa! Whoa!" shouted my step-sister, giving me a shocked look. "No way! No fucking way! Look, Bruce, I'll do your fucking laundry, and clean your pig-sty room, but there's no fucking way in hell I'm gonna suck off my own brother!"

I just stared at my step-sister smugly, crossing my arms. "I want a blowjob," I said calmly.

My step-sister huffed, looking away. "No. That's sick, Bruce. That's fucking sick."

I shrugged. "Fine. I'll just email the video to Johnathan, and—"

"Don't you fucking dare!" shrieked Arielle, lurching forward. But I intercepted her hands as she tried to grab my mouse. I may have been three years younger than my step-sister, but I was sixty pounds heavier and a hell of a lot stronger thanks to my weight-training classes. I grabbed her wrists, stared at her face.

"It's your choice, Arielle," I said. "Your mouth, or your marriage."

My step-sister glared at me hatefully, her face red. She looked down at my lap for a moment, clearly seeing the huge bulge of my cock in my shorts. Slowly, she lifted her eyes. "You're a disgusting, twisted, evil pervert, you know that?"

I laughed. "Yeah, ain’t it cool?" I pushed her away and leaned back in my chair. "So what's it gonna be?"

Arielle backed off, started pacing. She stared at the floor, lips trembling. She was getting nervous and frightened now, her anger fading. She was beginning to realize she actually stood a good chance of screwing up her impending marriage. And to save it, she had given her own brother a blowjob. Her eyes started swelling and getting watery. "I can't believe you're doing this to me," she whispered.

"Hey, I'm not the one who cheated on my fiancé with some half-ass college loser. Is he an art major too? I said meaningfully.

Arielle shuddered, covering her mouth and looking away from me. "Oh, God," she lamented. She made little choking sounds as she cried, and turned toward my door.

"I figure you got about two hours to make up your mind," I said, making her stop. For a long moment, she just stood there, back to me, crying softly. Then she left. I heard her bedroom door slam a second later.

I turned back to my computer. Guess I could get back to Binging on Netflix, I thought.


I was actually starting to get a little anxious as the end of the second hour drew closer. My step-sister hadn't come out of her room, and I heard her moving things around. I wondered if she was packing. Was she really just going to let me ruin her life? Jesus Christ, all I wanted was to get my dick sucked!

I decided that, if I saw Arielle coming down the stairs with a suitcase, that I was gonna give in and erase the video and the two back-up copies I had saved to my email accounts. Maybe I'm an asshole kid brother, but I still have a heart.

I was in my room, playing Escape From Tarkov, and doing pretty well, when I heard my step-sister walking up behind me, bare feet whispering across the carpet. I looked up as she came around the back of my small oveseat/ouch and sat down beside me. She looked forlorn, eyes cast down. They were still a little red, but she wasn't crying anymore. She didn't say anything, and didn't look at me as she fidgeted, picking at her nails.

After I exited my successful raid, I wordlessly stared at her, wondering what she was going to do or say. Unbeknownst to her, I had long ago installed several pinhole cameras, two of which covered this little couch. Very handy for dates. But wow was it ever about to pay off now.

After a few moments, she started to lift up, scooting to the edge of the couch. Arielle hesitated, breathing through her mouth, her cheeks starting to blush. Then swiftly, as if she wanted to act before she could stop herself, she slid down to her knees on the floor in front of me.

I stared at her, my heart pounding. Holy shit! She's gonna do it! Arielle Wilder's gonna suck my dick!

My erection sprang back to life faster than you could say 'blowjob.' My step-sister swept her bob back, though she hardly needed to, and sta for a moment, nibbling her lower lip. She didn't look to my face; she just stared at my shorts as my dick snaked beneath them, growing and growing. One of her pencil-thin eyebrows flickered a moment as she stared at my bulge.

Tentatively, my step-sister settled her hands on my bare, muscular legs, just above my knees. I was patient, watching my step-sister's pretty face, in particular her luscious, soft pink lips. My cock twitched inside my shorts. I wished I had worn a looser pair.

Setting her teeth, Arielle moved her hands up to the button of my shorts, tugging at it. I leaned back on the couch, my hands to my sides. I shuddered with anticipation as my step-sister pulled down my zipper. "Lift your hips," she whispered, almost to herself.

I did so eagerly, and Arielle pulled my shorts down, all the way down, slipping them off my feet. I wasn't wearing underwear, and my fully erect cock jutted out, so hard it hovered over my abdomen. My step-sister's eyes widened as she saw it, and let out a faint, impressed gasp.

I smiled. The four girls I had been with had all reacted that way. I've got a really good-sized dick, long and thick. My balls are pretty heavy, and I keep them shaved. I trimmed my pubes, too, ever since one of my girlfriends told me she would only go down on me if I did that. Not that she sucked cock like my step-sister, of course.

I chuckled as Arielle just stared at my throbbing penis. Her soft lips parted, suddenly moist, and she breathed in.

Didn't think your little brother had such a big dick, huh, Arielle? Bet sucking me off doesn't seem so bad now!

Arielle shifted, lifting up on her knees as she moved closer between my legs. She brought up her hands and gingerly touched my dick. I trembled at the contact. Arielle seemed encouraged, and tilted my cock up with her fingertips. She looked like she was inspecting my cock as she tilted her head this way and that. Her expression was inscrutable. Her eyes and cheeks glowed.

My step-sister closed her eyes a moment, gathering her courage. She took a deep breath, and slowly wrapped both her hands around my shaft. I moaned, my dick pulsing in her grip. A thick bubble of pre-cum oozed from the slit at the tip.

Then, suddenly, Arielle opened her eyes, staring at my cock once more, and breathed out hotly. It was too late to turn back now, and Arielle knew it. With a sudden move, my step-sister leaned forward, lowering her head, and slid my needy dick into her mouth.

I moaned in bliss, feeling the incredible heat of my step-sister's mouth, the soft but firm wet caresses of her swirling tongue, the tugging motions of her cheeks as she pulled me in. She breathed out through her nose, slid her hands down to the base of my thick cock, massaging my swollen balls as she took about half of my penis. Her lips were stretched by my dick (a hell of a lot more stretched than they had been around Dude's), and her brow furrowed.

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