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I wanted to cum, but not in her pussy. I then began to caress her rectum, lubricating it with her own juices. I slipped my finger gently into her ass while I fucked her, gradually working it in deeper. The thought of fucking her ass became almost unbearable, so I pulled out of her sweet, sweet cunt and untied the loose knots I had made in the scarves on her ankles. When her feet were free, I flipped her on to her stomach and put the head of my cock into her now well lubricated ass. She moaned, “Oh, yes, honey, fuck my ass—shove that cock in me—fuck it, please, please fuck it.” I fucked that lovely ass. It was so tight and warm around my cock that I again thought I would come. She was groaning, “Fuck it, baby, fuck it.” I fingered her clit and fucked her ass while I squeezed her nipple with my other hand. She moaned and came again. I pulled out and went to the bathroom and soaped my cock while she lay on the bed very quietly.

When I finished washing I came back and rolled her onto her back again, undoing the handcuffs so her hands were free. I pulled off the blindfold, saying, “I want you to see what you’ve been getting.” Her lovely blue eyes sparkled as she looked up at me. “Now I want you to stroke my cock and fuck me with your mouth until I come. She smiled that lovely smile and took my cock into her mouth and began stroking the shaft while she tongued and sucked me. This time I didn’t stop. I fucked her mouth while she stroked me until I came hard, filling her mouth with cum. She continued sucking, draining every drop of cum and swallowing it.

Afterward, we lay wrapped in each other’s arms, each feeling the warmth of the other’s body, and feeling the contented exhaustion that comes after incredible love making. I didn’t want her to leave, and she didn’t want to leave, but, of course, she had to. I lay watching her dress, admiring her beauty, and hoping against hope that this night would not be the only night. When she finished dressing, she smiled again—that sweet smile that I had already grown to love—and said. “You said you would be here two more days, right. Would 8:00 tomorrow be okay?” I will not go into what we did that next evening—that

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