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I fanned my face. He was endowed. I couldn’t get his dick out of my mind. It had changed from a penis to a cock forever for me. He was a man now. No longer my little boy. I sank down on the couch and squeezed my thighs shut and…

I was wet.

I felt that itch in me. For the first time in over a month, I felt horny. Ever since the first stories about the virus being in the States started permeating the news—the panic buying of supplies, the frantic search to have all the toilet paper I could find—had driven out any thoughts of passion. Not that I had much in my life. I was a single mother. Guys usually had a panic look when they realized I was a mother and then there wouldn’t be another date.

I sucked in a breath, trying to banish this thought. His cock and what that woman moaned. Step-mother porn? Was that really a thing? I wasn’t someone who watched any porn. I bit my lip, my heart pounding away.

After maybe ten minutes of squirming, I forced myself to get about what I was up to. I moved the couch out from the wall by myself, shaking my head at all the trash that had accumulated beneath it. I picked up the loose change and found one of my hair brushes I thought I lost. That went in the garbage. I wasn’t using it after it had spent all that time under the couch.

I vacuumed.

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