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s soon as she finished sucking her panties and had put them back on again, Sillu ripped off Maham’s panties and started fingering her pussy. “Plea…se………Ala…n………stop! Pllea…… ooohhhhhh…..!!!!!!!! Maham moaned. Sillu stuck his finger deeper, and fingered her clit till it was swollen. “Now sis, im going to make you beg for me to finger you to have an orgasm. When Maham’s clit was swollen, Sillu stopped fingering her pussy, and unclipped the back of Maham’s black lace bra and started to lick her erect nipples. Maham started moaning and gasping with ecstasy, but would not beg for Sillu to relieve her of her load. Finally Sillu looked at Maham’s scrunched up face, trying to keep herself from emptying her load, and noticed that she was trying to avoid her orgasm. Sillu began to bite her nipples lightly and deeply suck her breasts one by one. Maham moaned louder and louder until finally, her orgasm came out with what seemed like a gallon of cum. Sillu licked it all off the floor and smiled at Maham. “Well it seems like you didn’t need to beg me to let our your load”, Sillu said smirking. Maham looked pleadingly up at Sillu with her hot and sweaty face. “Sillu, please!!!!!! Let me go!!!!!” Maham cried to Sillu. “No no sis, this is only the beginning. “You still haven’t done half of what I expect you to do.” Sillu said with a smile. . Your done for now sis, go, have some sleep, you’re going to need it for what I have in store for you tomorrow”, Sillu said

Maham awoke in her bra and panties and said, “Was that a dream???” She looked at her panties, and in her happiness, saw that they were completely dry, with no sign of any wetness. So she never had sucked her panties that were full of cum, she sighed happily, so this was all just a bad dream…. Maham was downstairs and making some toast while reading the morning newspaper when Sillu walked downstairs. “Enjoy your sleep sis?” Sillu asked. “Sure did bro”, Maham replied glancing at Sillu’s face. She was surprised to see him smiling. “What are you so happy about?” she asked with one eyebrow raised. “Oh, about last night, and how fucking sexy you were”, Sillu said smirking. Maham screamed and dropped her toast on the table. “Oh my god!!! Did that really happen?” she gasped. “I thought it was a dream!!!” Maham slowly said. “Oh It was no dream sis, it was very real, and I’m ready to do some more,” Sillu grinned. “NO WAY!!!” Maham shouted and ran for the door, but Sillu rushed to the door first and she couldn’t get past him since he was so strong. “Remember, if you don’t obey what I what I say, I’ll send those videos out right now”, Sillu said sneering at her.

Maham hesitated, and she forced herself to smile at Sillu and walk with him to her bedroom. Maham avoided Sillu’s musky eyes and walked to her desk. Sillu followed her and put his arm around her and onto her hip. “What do you want to do to me sis? Any fantasies that you wish to come true?” Sillu asked greedingly. “Sillu…..please……..can you let me off the hook? Haven’t I done enough?” Maham asked looking at Sillu with her best puppie dog look that she had used on their parents to get this super hot dress for a formal dance. “Oh Maham, do you think I would let you off that easily? Especially when you provoked me soooo many times while I was watching you playing with yourself? Definetely not sis, I still want to do you!” Sillu replied. Sillu kissed Maham passionately and sucked her tongue. Maham tried to talk, but couldn’t with Sillu’s mouth sucking her tongue. As Sillu was kissing her, his hands moved down to Maham’s breasts and he began to feel them and running his hands across them. Maham started gasping and her hands tried to remove Sillu’s insisting hands from her breasts. Sillu stopped kissing Maham and said “Remember the videos Maham, you do what I want.” Maham frowned and nearly cried from such torture, but she nodded her head in agreement. “Now sis, rub my cock thru my pants”, Sillu said. Maham bent down and rubbed on the bulging spot in his pants, and Sillu sighed with pleasure. “That’s it sis, more, more, cmon more dammit!” Sillu said smiling. Maham rubbed faster and harder and Sillu started moaning with enjoyment. “Ahhhhh….yea…..FUCK YES……..DATS IT SIS……OHHhHHHHhHHhHHHHH….I’M GONNA CUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Sillu screamed and let his load onto his boxars.

Maham sat back and closed her eyes to hold the tears back. Sillu looked at her, she was wearing a sexy red tank top with a black skirt. Underneath the tanktop, he could see 2 dots that were her nipples. Maham opened her eyes and saw Sillu staring at her breasts. Maham got up and walked to the bathroom, “I need to go to the bathroom”,she said tearfully. When she was in the bathroom, she cried and cried. Sillu could hear her sobs while he was sitting on her bed, and smiled at her sadness, that’s what a hot sexy girl has to deal with Sillu thought.

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