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You're gonna love this," I said, and clicked the mouse. Instantly, a window opened on my computer monitor, and the image of Arielle sucking and slurping and pulling on Dude's dick filled the screen.

Arielle didn't say anything, didn't make a sound. I tilted my head, looking up at her. Her face was blushed deeply, cheeks so red and eyes so wide with instant embarrassment and mortification. Her mouth gaped.

"Wh-what the fuck?" she stammered at last, and slapped her hand over her mouth.

I chuckled, watching the footage I had already memorized. "DAY-amn, Arielle," I said. "You give really good head. I especially like how you made him shoot in your mouth so he can see it. Do you always swallow?"

Arielle let out a strangled cry, trembling. She pushed back from my chair, just staring in shock as she watched herself sucking my friend's dick. I fast-forwarded to the climax.

"This is my favorite part," I said, as the video showed Arielle aiming Dude's cum-spurting dick toward her tongue. Too bad there wasn't any sound.

"Oh, shit!" gasped my step-sister, trembling. She stared at me, her brown eyes wide. "Y-you . . . watched?" she asked in disbelief.

I laughed. "Hottest blowjob I ever seen," I said. "Damn, Arielle, you should do porn! 'Course, Johnathan probably wouldn't like that too much, would he?"

My step-sister shuddered, then ground her teeth. Shock turned to angry acceptance as she glared at me. "What do you want?"

I rolled my eyes to the ceiling, pretending to think. "Hmm," I said. "Maybe I'll make you clean my room," I said. "Or wash all my clothes. Oh! You could write my papers for me!"

Arielle folded her arms, cocked her head as she stared at me expectantly. "You asshole," she seethed.

I chuckled, then stopped the video and swiveled around in my chair until I faced my step-sister. I enjoyed the feeling of control I had over her. "I made copies, too," I said. "I know a couple message boards that I could post it on. 'Arielle the Cocksucker.'"

Arielle breathed out through her nose, huffing, her cheeks glowing with embarrassment and rage. She knew I had her, and she hated it. "What . . . do you . . . want?" she forced out.

I chuckled and casually settled my hand in my lap. My cock was hard and poking up against my shorts. It was pretty obvious to my step-sister. I smirked. "I want what Dude got."

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