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continued to lick her ass with the wide part of my tongue until I could feel her relax; her little asshole opening up. My tongue could feel the softer, smooth inner part of her anus expand, allowing me to slide the tip of my tongue inside... just the tip.

Another gasp. 

I could feel her ass tighten at first, then open up for my probing tongue. I was in heaven.

I moved back to her clit, licking and sucking her button. Cindy grabbed my head and pulled it harder against her, and began humping my mouth. I rocked her legs back and forth, drenching my face in her juices, her feet bouncing in the air...

Suddenly we both realized her bed was squeaking, and froze. We were both so lost in the passion of the moment we forgot where we were. Cindy stared wide-eyed at the ceiling, and we strained to hear any movement from upstairs. 

We waited... nothing. 

I slowly released my grip on her legs, and guided them down to the floor, and helped her stand. 

I whispered in her ear, “We really have to be quiet!”

She nodded in agreement, her eyes wide in fear of her father busting in on us. 

I knelt down to the floor, pulling her down onto her knees with me. “Stay like that” I whispered, then walked around behind her and laid down on my back, my head under her sweet little ass. 

Grabbing her waist, I pulled her down so she squatted onto my face. I started licking her little pussy again... her juices ran out of her all over my face and into my eager mouth. I sucked in every sweet drop from her. She started rocking back and forth on my face, alternately grinding her clit against my tongue and my nose. I ran my hands up her ribs, and started pawing at her breasts; squeezing and pulling on her nipples. Looking up past her flat tummy and my greedy hands on her breasts, her eyes locked on mine... she nodded impatiently- she was close to cumming on my mouth.

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