FreeUseMILF Hottest Stepmom Ever Teaser

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His ass hit bottom, and his cock and balls collided with Janelle’s thighs, who was on her knees between his legs. She didn’t miss a beat. With quick finesse she raised up, pulled her bikini bottom to the side and lowered herself onto him. Her cunt enveloped his cock, her muscles tightened around it, and she started bouncing. Okay, Augie thought. Fucking underwater is good.

But not that good. Something was missing, the sensation was different. So he grabbed her butt with both hands, rose up, turned around, and parked her ass on the ledge. He ripped her thong off and started fucking her like it was their last day on Earth.

Augie was banging her with abandon, hoping he didn’t throw his back out. Janelle was squalling as he pummeled her, and her ass was being squished against the lip of the tub. He plunged his tongue into her mouth to quiet her. The neighbors might hear.

She came before he did, and she almost bit his tongue when she did. She squealed, only half-muffled, and her body shook like a nag at a dog food factory.

“Oh shit!” she exclaimed loudly. “Oh fuck.”

Janelle’s jizz flowed into the bubbly tub. She finally stopped vibrating, he pulled out. “Did you come?” she asked.

“Not yet,” he said.

“You will soon.”