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I heard the shower turn on as Ava went to clean her self and I collected my clothes and went to my room to wait my turn, I wanted to be in there with her but we could not risk it. I don’t think we could talk our way out of being in the bathroom naked together.

I grabbed a change of clothes and stood near the door of my room waiting to hear for the sound of the shower turning off. In the silence I could hear the distinctive sound of a car traveling down our dirt driveway. I let out a deep sigh of relief that we had stopped before our parents had come home. That relief quickly vanished when I remembered that the text book was still on the kitchen table. In my panic I made the split second decision to run like the wind to grab the textbook.

My naked cum covered body ran down the stairs and made a beeline to where the text book was. I could hear the car doors opening and it was at this moment that the adrenaline faded and I realized I might have made an idiotic mistake. I did not want my parents to arrive home after letting their kids stay home alone for the first time only to see their naked cum covered son in the kitchen.

Luckily I was fast enough and just when I retreated to my bedroom door I could hear our front door open and my parents were completely unaware of what they could have seen. “Cody! Ava!” My mom called out to the unresponsive house. I didn’t have time to shower so I grabbed one of my work shirts and wiped off my chest and quickly put my clothes back on and threw the soiled shirt into the bottom of my closet.

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