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She now lay face down on the bed, handcuffed and blindfolded and completely nude except for her bra. Her lovely ass was bright pink. She was absolutely lovely, but I wanted to see all of her. I reached down and ran my nails lightly up the calf of her left leg and thigh, brushed her ass with my fingertips, and trailed them lightly up her back until I reached the clasp on her bra. I unhooked it. “Roll over, I want to see all of you.” She rolled onto her back and I pulled her bra away, revealing her lovely, lush breasts. Her nipples hardened as I caressed them gently with my fingertips. I leaned down and sucked her nipple into my mouth and ran my tongue around it. “Even naughty girls deserve a reward when they are good. Now spread your legs. I want to see your cunt! She didn’t move her legs, so I reached into her bag and retrieved the silk scarves. Quickly rolling one up into a loose roll, I lifted her ankle and wrapped the scarf around it twice and knotted it so it couldn’t slip off her ankle. I tied the other end around the leg of the bed and repeated the process on the other leg, pulling her legs apart as I tied off the second scarf. She sat up, so I grabbed the handcuffs and pulled her back down and slipped a third scarf through the cuffs, pulling her hands back above her head and securing the scarf to the headboard. “Now tell me that you understand that you have to do what you are told, that I am your master, and that you will obey!” Ignoring me,she remained silent, so I reached down with two hands, cupping her breasts and taking her nipples between my thumbs and forefingers and pinching them . She gasped, and immediately cried out, “I understand, master. I’ll do what you say.” “Good, because I won’t tolerate your disobedience you little slut. Lie still and don’t talk unless I tell you to, understand?” “I understand, master.” I pinched her nipples sharply again. “I didn’t tell you to talk, cunt.”

I left her on the bed and she remained perfectly silent while I undressed. My cock was completely erect and I wanted to fuck her immediately. Instead, I began to caress her sweet body, running my hands over her thighs, caressing her breasts, touching the soft, smooth curve of her vulva very lightly. Her pussy was lovely, graced with a light golden down as if she had shaved it and it had just begun growing back. I softly kissed her sweet nipples which were now hard and erect. I knelt between her legs and licked the inside of her thighs, never quite touching her now swollen labia. I continued this for several minutes until I could tell from her breathing and the flush on her chest that she was ready for more then I stopped. I knelt on the bed and grabbed her hair, turning her head toward my swollen cock.

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