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He took out his member, it was wet and swollen. Kyle stuck in a finger, slowly feeling his way around the mess. I groaned from the feel. Encouraged he stuck in another finger, pumping back and forth. His fingers expertly rubbed my swollen clit while also digging at my g-spot. I gave a slight squeal when he pressed. Some leftover fluids squirted out onto his hands. I looked down at his cock. Instead of getting smaller I saw it getting excited again. “Mom doesn’t get home until tomorrow…” I said slowly. I was slightly sore but at the same time I wanted more.  stood up to face Kyle.

Kyle gently pushed me to a wall. “Did I mention how tempting you are?” He whispered in my head, his hands on either side of me. “I don’t know what you do, but you make me want you so bad…” The way he said it made me wet. I bit my lip and said, “I guess that makes two of us…”

He studied my face and then without warning thrust his cock into me a second time. Still wet from before it glided in easily. Kyle pushed me up against the wall, his weight pushing on me. He thrust upwards, jabbing his large member at me. I would have fell had Kyle not been there to hold me up. His moans in my ears made me weak. “K-Kyle…” I whispered as I felt him engulfing me. I felt so vulnerable up against the wall.

“Say my name louder,” Kyle commanded. He slowed down, his cock slipping out of me. He rubbed it against my pussy, teasing me. “Don’t be shy.” He added on.

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