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Oh Sammy!” she purred, before she began grinding against me.
I could feel her wet bare pussy lips rubbing up and down my hard shaft, and coating it in her sweet teen pussy juices, and all I could do was sit there and moan and breath heavily as my older stepsister got her self on my cock.
“Oh fuck!” I moaned as my stepsister rubbed her pussy all over my cock.
“Wow! Sammy you have a pretty big cock!” she moaned “I bet it would feel huge in my tiny little pussy?”

Then after a few more seconds she turned her head again and looked at me, and asked “Do you want to see how it feels? do you want to see how big it feels in my little teen cunt?”
“Oh god yes!” I replied immediately, because I was pass pretending now, I really desperately wanted to be deep inside my stepsister, and if she was willing, then what the hell!

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My stepsister grinned at me, and then I felt her reach down and take hold of my bare wet cock shaft, before she positioned herself on top of it, and then she slowly sunk her bare wet pussy onto my big hard cock.
We both groaned loudly as her little wet pink lips parted and engulfed my big round cockhead, and then she continued to lower herself, and suddenly I was deep inside my stepsister!

Hailey sunk right down taking most of my big hard cock right up inside that lovely little wet pussy of hers, and she moaned more as she sat on top of me enjoying the feeling of her stepbrothers cock inside of her, before then she began to ride me.
Her little slim body rose and fell on top of me, and I immediately held onto her slim waist to help her, and as I did she placed her hands on my knees, before moving her little arse quicker in my lap.

“Oh god yes! oh god!” she moaned as she rode my hard cock.
Before I knew it, I began thrusting up into her making her groan louder, and now we were fucking each other and groaning louder and breathing heavier.
“Oh fuck your cock is big!” she groaned “I love it!”
Then she continued on, and while she continued to ride my hard cock, I moved my hands down, and then under her dress, before pushing it up, and now I could see her beautiful bare tanned arse rising and falling in my lap.

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“Oh fuck! oh fuck!” she moaned as we fucked away in the living room not caring if we got caught or not, now.
Then after a few more minutes she laid back against me, before pulling my head down towards hers, and we kissed passionately as she slowed down and just ground herself into my crotch again.
Then she pulled away from me, but still looking me in the eyes she began to flex her hips quicker, and once more we started fucking.

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