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fucking my dads x wife
fucking my dads x wife
The look that came across her face as she tasted her own juices while staring at Bill was speechless. No words could come close to describe it. Bill thought he had came right then and there. She sucked and moaned as she made her fingers spotless. Then the most amazing thing happened. She started walking over to Bill. He was unsure what was happening. He played it off as if he was still asleep. This was to exciting for Bill. With his eyes closed he had no idea what was happening. He had to rely on his other senses. He heard the floor boards creek and crack as she got closer. Bill smelt her sweet perfume along with the smell of her pussy when she was right beside him. Then he felt it. The feeling of the blanket slowly being pushed down. Bill felt the cool air of the ac in the house on his legs as the blankets were stripped off of him.

"Hummm well this isn't going to do." He heard Paige say as she slid his boxers down.

Bills body tensed up unsure what would happen if he woke up. If he would run her off or would she continue. All Bill knew was he did not want this to end. Then the question was answered for him.

"God damn your huge. Fuck no wonder your a natural at baseball. Your use to holding a bat every day." Paige says as she grabs the base of his cock.

Bill tenses up further his ass almost complete of the couch. He doesn't make another sound.

"You know we can have much more fun if you stop pretending to be asleep." Paige says.

"Humm what." Bill says in a fake sleepy voice.

"Mmm humm not afraid to kick his fathers ass but the second he gets his cock grabbed he pretends to be asleep." She says teasingly as she tugs on his cock

"You caught me." Bill said

"I think you caught me first Bill.... It was bound to happen one night. Although I did make more noise tonight on purpose." She said in playful voice

"Wait what?" Bill said legitimately confused now.

"I've been sneaking into your room ever night you've been her for about a year now Bill." She confessed. Her voice showed signs of shock. Like she thought he knew. Bill didn't know how to answer. She continued all the while holding his cock lightly stroking it.

"I would come into your room and lightly touch your cock. Like this (she moved her finger tips up and down his shaft.) Through your covers and watch you get hard to my touch." She smiled at that. Like she was proud of her self. Bill was able to speak up.

"But why." He said. She stroked his cock harder and more forceful.

"I've watched you grow up from a loving handsome young man into this out standing perfect example of a man." She started to speed up her pace on Bills cock.

"No I meant....." He was cut off

"I even stood by your door when you brought Stacy over. I heard you fuck her brains out. I stood there and played with my wet cunt to the sounds of you plowing that bitch. I felt so jealous if anything this dick is more mine then hers. I bet that skank didn't even know how to please this." She said as she gave Bills dick a hard tug.

"No I what meant was...why did you never wake me up." Bill says as he grabs Paige and pulls her on top of him. She moves her hand off of his cock and holds his face as they kiss passionately. Bill brakes the kiss

"I would of gave you and only you my dick a long time ago time." Bill said

"And what of your heart?" She says hanging onto his every word

"You've had that along time ago." Bill says as he smiles and kisses her.

"Give me both tonight please Bill." Paige cries out

"Anything for you honey." Bill says she throws her arms around him and kisses him like a lover.

"If you don't mind I think I've waited long enough." Paige says as she breaks the kiss.

She pulls Bills shirt off and kisses down his chest to his abs. Through all this Bill can only think about how hot she looks as she's kissing his whole body. She moves lower and lower till she's at his belly button. She reaches down and pulls off his boxers completely. Then grabs his dick.

"One year I wondered what this would taste like. Fuck I wondered if I could even fit it in my mouth." She said while inspecting it.

"A year is long to wait dear." Bill moaned as he felt her warm lips plant a kiss on the tip of his cock.

"Too long." She said.

Her mouth returned to his cock. Only this time she parted her lips and let the whole head enter her mouth. Once there she began to swirl her tongue around it. She moved a hand up to his shaft and let some droll slip from her mouth. She used this as lube as she started jerking his hard cock. Her head started bobbing up and down as she continued to swirl her tongue.

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