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The morning of the conference, I left my little town shortly after 6:30 and drove to Salina, stopping only once in Hutchinson to grab some coffee. I arrived at the conference site at Kansas Wesleyan College shortly before nine. After registering, I wandered around the campus before the seminar began at 10:00. The seminar ended at noon and afterward I went to lunch with some people who were in my discussion group at the seminar. We visited for a while after eating, and I finally got on the road back to Lindsborg at about 1:30.

After checking in (a bit early) at my motel (it was named The Viking motel quaintly reflecting the Swedish cultural emphasis of the community), I set out to explore the town. I soon discovered that it was filled with little shops, many of which featured arts and crafts with a distinct cultural flavor. I also visited an art gallery, the Birger Sandzen Memorial Gallery, which featured some local artists as well as some nationally known ones. After leaving the art gallery, I wandered down the main street, basically just window shopping. Passing one gift store, I noticed a book display. I rarely pass up the opportunity to browse if I have time, so I went in.

As I looked over the titles, I saw her for the first time. She stood at the end of the display with a book opened, reading the inside cover. She was dressed casually in walking shorts and a v-necked T-shirt. Her clothing was neither tight nor loose, but it was tight enough for me to admire the curve of her ass and the gentle swell of her breasts underneath the cloth. I chastised myself mentally for entertaining the thoughts that her body aroused in me, especially since she appeared to be a very classy, respectable lady. . She caught me looking at her and smiled sweetly. I smiled back and turned my attention back to the shelves, hoping she wasn’t thinking I was some old pervert. I quickly picked out a book, Love In The Time of Cholera by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. I had been meaning to read it, and I decided I might as well use my evening to get started.

She was in front of me at the checkout. Again I found myself admiring her sweetly rounded ass and the way her blonde hair graced the curve of her neck. I was close enough to smell her perfume which I found mysterious and erotic. She paid and walked out. I stepped to the counter and paid for my book, got my receipt, and headed for the door, still thinking about her. As I stepped through the door, I ran smack into her. Apparently, she had forgotten something and was coming back into the store. The collision knocked her shopping bag from her hand and her books scattered onto the sidewalk. I mumbled a lame apology saying, “I am sooo sorry. I promise to get a seeing-eye dog if you will just forgive me.” As dumb as that sounded, she laughed. I knew then she had a charitable heart as well as a lovely laugh. I bent over and began picking up her books. I couldn’t help but notice that one of them was Fifty Shades of Grey. I rose up to give her the books and found myself momentarily staring at her crotch. I probably turned fifty shades of red, but she pretended not to notice. I returned her books, apologized again, and went on my way.

I wandered around a bit more, checking out a few shops and admiring the charm of the town, before deciding it was time to get something to eat. In my ramblings, I had noticed a place called The Sugar Shack which looked like a typical hamburger joint and that suited my needs just fine, so I headed there. When I entered, it was obvious the place was really busy and I couldn’t see a place to sit. I started back to the door, I heard a sweet feminine voice, “Would you like to sit with me?” I turned and there she was, seated in a small booth by herself, her lovely blonde hair shining from the overhead light. “Well, if you’re sure you don’t mind, I’d love to.” She smiled and gestured at the empty seat across from her in the booth.

She introduced herself as Susie and I reciprocated, giving her my name. I ordered my dinner (she had already ordered hers), and while we waited, we had a laugh about our mishap earlier at the store. She asked me about what book I had bought. I still had it with me, so I took it out of the bag and she looked it

over. That led to conversation about other books and soon we were talking like old friends. I told her about the conference and how I came to be in Lindsborg. She asked where I was staying. When I told her, she said she had heard it was a nice motel. By the time I had finished eating, I felt quite comfortable with her. I suppose it made me a little bolder, because I decided to ask her about Fifty Shades. She said, “Well a friend led me to believe I might enjoy being tied up for a while reading it.” I was glad I was sitting down because the image her little double entendre brought to my mind caused a definite swelling in my groin. I smiled and responded, “Well, I have read it and for the most part, I wasn’t impressed with the story line, but I found the subject matter very interesting."

I wanted to feel her out more on the subject, but our conversation was interrupted when a lovely dark-haired woman came in and walked right up to our booth. Susie introduced her and explained that they had planned earlier to meet and do some planning for a surprise party for a friend of theirs whose birthday was coming up. I took that as my cue to leave, so I thanked Susie for allowing me to eat with her and left.

I got back to my motel, took a shower, and lay on the bed for a time watching TV. After a good bit of channel surfing, I finally decided there wasn’t really anything on I wanted to watch, so I decided it was a good time to start the book I had bought earlier. Looking at the dresser where I had set my briefcase while unloading my car, I realized I didn’t remember bringing in the shopping bag from the store. I went out and searched the car, finally realizing what must have happened. After showing the book to Susie, I had laid it in the seat beside me in the booth and had failed to remember it when I left. I hadn’t noticed the restaurant’s hours while I was there. It was about 8:30 so I wasn’t certain it would still be open. I found a phone book in the room and turned to the yellow pages to see if I could find The Sugar Shack listed. As I searched for the listing, there was an unexpected knock on my door. Totally puzzled, I looked through the peephole to see Susie standing there. I opened the door and she smiled, “I am glad you told me where you were staying. You left your book in the booth. My girlfriend found it when she sat down. By the time she noticed it, you were already gone.”

I hoped my voice didn’t betray what I can only describe as instant lust that overtook me when I saw what she was now wearing. She had changed into a pair of knit slacks that fit snugly enough to show off her alluring ass and beautifully shaped legs. She was wearing a wine-colored knit shirt that buttoned down the front. The top two buttons were undone partially revealing her well-formed breasts and the edge of a lacy black strapless bra. The wine color of her shirt set her blonde hair off perfectly. In short, she was incredibly sexy.

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