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He sat down on the bed and stuck in a CD in her player. It was some soft techno. “Now dance bitch.” he said. Maham begin to dance in front of him very seductively. She tried not to frown, because she knew he would get upset at her. She swayed and twisted her hips and torso to the music. “Come closer....” he said. Maham went right up to him and moved her breasts up and down across his entire body. Then she turned around and sat on his lap. She began shifting her pelvis back and forth over his underwear. She kept rubbing his hard on with her butt and he grabbed onto her hips and began moving too. She was putting only a little pressure on his cock, it was aggravating him. So, he grabbed her hips and began grinding his cock into her. Then he reached around her and squeezed her tits through her bra. She squeaked. She was moving fairly slowly across his lap, but it was just fast enough that Sillu screamed and then came again.

“OK sis, you’ve done really good so far...Now i want more. Gimme a blow job. AND THIS TIME YOUR GONNA SWALLOW!!!!!” Maham pulled off his cum filled underwear. Somehow, he managed to keep bringing back his erection. She began sucking on the head of his little cock. Then she moved down and fit the whole shaft in her mouth. She sucked more and more. She lifted her head up a little every now and then, but Sillu began to get annoyed, so he put his hands on top of her head and held it there. She sucked a little harder now, and he came. She could feel the hot semen shooting into her mouth. She sucked up every last drop of it. Then Sillu pulled her head away, but continued holding it. “Swallow!” he said. Then, closing her eyes from misery, she swallowed his cum.

“Now I need a little break” said Sillu “but I don’t think you’re gonna get to stop. Your gonna keep feeling yourself to keep you nice and wet.”

Stacy was terrified at what he had said, but she did as he obeyed and kept fingering her pussy.

When Sillu was ready again.“Go clean up sis.” said Sillu, “I don’t want u all hot and sweaty when I fuck u hard” Maham got a towel and washed herself off. She put on some clothes, and then she went back to Sillu. The doorbell rang. Maham thought maybe she was saved. However, the situation was far from over. Sillu answered the door.
It was only the mailman delivering some mail. Sillu came back to Maham and laid on her bed. “Come here Maham…” said Sillu. Maham obediently shuffled to Sillu, and laid on the bed beside him. Sillu touched her cheeks. “Gosh sis…, You are soooo hot and sexy..”, whispered Sillu. It was hard for Maham to keep from crying, her eyes watered at the thought of what had just happened. Glimpses of giving a blow job to her brother were now freaking her out. “Maham, come here, sit on my lap” Sillu commanded. As Maham sat on his lap, Sillu took his index finger, and stuck it in her mouth. “Now sis, suck my finger like its my dick, suck as hard as you can”, said Sillu. As Maham sucked and sucked for about 5 minutes, Sillu slowly took off Maham’s pants and her shirt which covered her bra cradling her beautiful breasts, and rubbed hard on Maham’s panties where her pussy was with his free hand. Maham gasped, and took Sillu’s finger out of her mouth and kept whimpering. Maham finally came to an orgasm right onto her panties. “Now Maham, take off your panties and lick them dry”, said Sillu. Maham took off her soggy panties and started sucking all the cum off her panties and tears started coming out of her eyes. Sillu saw this, and laughed, and said “What are you crying about sis? You don’t like me fucking or playing with you?” Maham shook her head, and said “Never, my own brother is doing me, that’s disgusting!” “Well it ain’t over yet sis, im not done fucking you yet, so stop your pitiful crying, its making me bored.” Maham immediately stopped crying, for Sillu might send the tape of her masturbation and the tape of her giving a blow job to Sillu to both schools. The thought frightened her terribly.

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