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When Maham finally came out of the bathroom, she had wiped away her tears and she looked down at the ground and stood there. Sillu got off the bed and stood beside her. “Well sis, now your going to take off my pants and boxers and lick my boxers dry,” Sillu commanded. Maham sniffed and did as Sillu had commanded her to do. Sillu stood there as Maham started to lick and suck his boxers until they were wet with Maham’s saliva. “Now Maham, lick my dick and suck it as hard as you fucking can!” Sillu cried out. Maham unwillingly obeyed by kneeling down and sucked the head till it was covered in wet spit, but Sillu wanted more and drove his whole 6 to 7 inch cock into her throat, she choked but kept sucking. “IM GONNA CUM!!! FUCK IM GONNA CUM AHHHHHHH”, Sillu screamed and the whole load which was about 2 gallons went down Maham’s throat who tried not to choke at the intake of so much cum. Sillu sighed for that was the best blow job he had ever had. “Now Maham, I’m going to fuck face you little bitch”, Sillu said grinning. Sillu put his dick next to Maham’s cheek, and began to rub his dick against her face, neck, and hair. Slowly, Sillu’s dick became erect again, and he began pumping mercilessly, faster and faster, until he yelled and screamed “IM GOING TO FUCKING CUM, EAT THIS BITCH!!!!!!” and Sillu sprayed his load into Maham’s awaiting mouth, but some got onto her face and hair. Sillu groaned with ecstasy and was happy that he was relieved. “Now let me rest sis, you go take a shower and sleep a little”, Sillu said and walked out of Maham’s room. Maham sniffed again, and a tear rolled down her check at such pain and torture that Sillu was forcing her to do. Maham took a shower and changed into her PJ’s. She fell into the bed tired and went to sleep almost immediately.

The next morning, Maham got up, changed into a tight soft shirt which showed her belly button and some tight jeans. She got her purse and was about to go downstairs when Sillu came out of the room wearing a shirt and some loose pants. “Where are you going?” Sillu asked. “I’ve got some business to attend to, and I’m kind of late, so would you excuse me…” Maham replied. “Sorry sis, your going to have to stay here, I wouldn’t want you to run away from me now would I? Nooooooooo, its best to keep you here”, Sillu said smirking. “But…….but…..”, Maham stuttered. “No buts sis, your staying here, unless you don’t want me to accidentely send those videos to our schools…”, Sillu said with a tone in his voice that sounded impatient. “No no no, okay, I’ll stay….”, Maham said sadly. Her only way of escaping was now gone. She didn’t want any one to see that video of her masturbation or her brother’s incest desires. Maham slowly walked to her room, and took off her purse. Sillu walked into her room and told her to put on the sexiest clothes that she ever had, he was going to really do her today. Maham miserably did what he said, and picked out a sexy black tank top, which she covered with a matching tight black shirt and a leather skirt. She put on a black panty hose, and put a ton of make up on. She had never looked so sexy and hot ever in her life.

Maham sat on her bed, awaiting Sillu’s return to her bedroom. When Sillu came into the room, he was dressed in a gray suit, with a tie. He saw how sexy and hot she looked, and his ramming rod rose out like a stick, Maham watched his dick harden as he looked down at her. Sillu walked over to the CD player in Maham’s room and put on some trance music. He laid down on Maham’s bed and ordered her to give him a lap dance. Maham stood on the bed, and began swaying her hips and bouncing her breasts. She watched Sillu’s pecker rise up, and Sillu laid back and sighed. “FASTER”, Sillu shouted. Maham swayed quicker and quicker and her breasts began juggling around. She started to do some stripper moves, and bent down so that Sillu could get a clear view of her black panties.

Finally Sillu had enough and ordered Maham to stop dancing and sit on his lap. Maham obeyed and knew that Sillu was going to do her then, so she held her tears. Maham started to rub the tent that was formed on Sillu’s pants, and began to rub harder and harder with each passing moment. Soon Sillu cummed on his boxars inside his pants with a loud moan. Sillu panted and gave Maham a smile and said, “My turn sis”. Sillu rubbed Maham’s breasts until Maham was moaning with delight. He slowly rubbed down to where her pussy was and began to rub faster and harder on that spot. “OoOHHHhHHHHHH…..yYYY….EEEEE..AAAAAA……FUCK……BRO…..KEEP DOING IT….OOOOHHHHHHHHhhhHHHH……..FUCK……..YES……..AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!”, Maham whimpered and moaned in pleasure. “AHHHHHHHHH……SILLU…….IM GOING…..TO …..CUMMMMM….!!!!!!!”, Maham screamed and moaned as her huge load came out of her. “Ahhhhhhh…..yes……”, Maham sighed and she went limp and tired.


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