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“I love that you’re still hard,” she commented. “Rock solid like a diamond.”

Peter laughed. “Do you blame me?”

Cynthia lovingly caressed his hair. “Wait until you’re older. You’ll appreciate these moments.”

“I can go again,” Peter boasted.

Cynthia laughed and buried her face in his muscular chest. “I know you can, sweetie. But I need to go to work. You can watch me shower while you masturbate if you’d like.”

Unwilling to give up, Peter lifted his pelvis up off the bed and thrusted deeper inside Cynthia. She responded with a gasp. “You sure you don’t want to fuck my nine inch cock again?” he pleaded.

Cynthia sighed. She was intensely aroused. She wanted nothing more than to sleep with the young man again. But she remained vigilant. “Tomorrow,” she said as she placed her index finger against his lips. “Save it for tomorrow when Frank’s gone.” With that, she carefully hoisted herself up and off Peter. His cock flung out and slapped against his belly followed by a sizable glob of sticky cum.

“Oops,” Cynthia said. She spread her pussy apart making way for even more to come pouring out onto Peter. “You’re on cleanup duty,” she teased before running off to the bathroom. Peter clutched his cum-soaked cock and stroked himself watching Cynthia’s perfect ass bounce as she scampered towards the shower.

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