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Dad suggested delivery pizza and we could continue with our talk. I ask if he thought we should wait till another day. “No, we are going to Dave and Kay’s tomorrow and we need to take care of this before then. Tammy ordered the pizza while I went to my room to get a pair of gym shorts to slip on when the pizza arrived.

We all settled back in as we were before and Dad told us he would cover everything as quick as he could. He told us if we had any questions we could ask when he kind of got us up to date. Dad reminded us that he had set everything up so Mom and Grandma Kate could take care of the sell of the property, his older brother Mack was still on the run and his uncle and two cousins hadn’t been seen since his Mother’s death.

Mom, Kay and Kate saw Dad off at the bus station. Two other guys from Dad’s class was leaving at the same time so he has someone he knew to make the long trip with him. They were all surprised when the Army Recruiter showed up to see them off. They all shook hands then he pulled Dad to the side and told him he knew he had been through a lot in the past few weeks. He encouraged Dad to pour himself into his training and it would help take his mind of all that had gone on. He also told Dad he thought he was going to make a good soldier and could make a good officer.

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Things seem to be going great. Dad was doing well in basic training and already taking some collage courses. Mom and Kay were both working with Mr. Garrison’s son on the dairy farm and Kate was working part time in the Mr. Garrison’s office at the lumber yard. Mom and Dad was writing every day keeping each other up to date on their day to day happenings.

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