I Fucked My Georgios Sexy Step Sister

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I can believe this. What I can't believe is that you had that SLUT in your room. Are you trying to catch something?"
"Slut?" I asked, confused.
"SLUT! I know you know what that means. She fucks every other guy that looks at her a certain way, but for some reason you don't see a problem with that." I looked at her, and her face got red when she realized how upset she was getting. "I just didn't think she's the kind of girl you'd end up with."
"She's not..." I began, but before i could Liz and Missy came storming into my room.

"Hey Joni, could you leave for a second, we need to talk to Will alone." Liz asked in her sweet voice. Joni gave me a concerned look and left. As soon as she did Missy turned on me and jammed me against a wall.

"What the hell? That wasn't necessary!" I shouted.

"We have a few rules we had to leave out for Joni's sake, and if she EVER finds out I won't hesitate to disembowel you!" Missy hissed. My eyes widened in fear.

"What do you want?" I asked, getting pissed.

"We heard you like to fuck whores behind your parents back. Well we happened to be experts at that and we're here to make sure it doesn't happen on our watch." Liz chimed in.

"Were you the whores or were you the ones fucking the whores?" i asked. I instantly felt the whole left side of my face burn intensely as i saw Missy's hand fall back to her side. She strikes faster than light I concluded.

"How DARE you get smart with us!" Missy snorted. I nearly laughed at how over dramatic she was, but held it down in fear of my own safety.

"We're gonna show you what it feels like when ass holes like you play with a girls heart!" Liz hissed, showing her evil grin she does so well.

"Play with her heart?" I asked. I think me and Skylar both knew the deal: We become fuck buddies and don't say shit about it.

"Consider yourself our new bitch for the rest of the week!" Liz cackled.

"Bitch?" all i could do at this point was repeat back what they were saying.

"Which means you will be doing the chores, getting the groceries, cooking the meals, as well as...other things." Liz laughed again when she said 'other things'.

"Other things?" I asked, but as soon as I did I felt Missy push my chest harder into the wall until I felt my rib cage would cave in.

"Do that one more time, and you die!" she threatened. Then she backed off and exited the room. I rubbed my chest where Missy had indented it and started cursing her under my breath when Liz swooped in next to me. I was expecting her to hit me or something, but instead she wrapped her arm around my shoulder and brought her mouth to my ear.

"Meet me in the garage at midnight, bitch." she whispered, softly kissing my cheek right before she exited my room. I stood there a moment, wondering what my parents got me into, before my legs stopped working and I collapsed.

While i was collapsed I remembered the first time she told me to meet her somewhere private. It was christmas at my grandma's house. We were 13 at the time when she came up to me the night before christmas and told me to meet her in the attic. At the time I thought it would be a great way to get to know my hot new cousin, but when I walked in right off the bat she threw me against a wall and started kissing me violently. At the time I assumed it was just a christmas miracle, but it ended up being the first of many plots she's pulled to get something from me. This time it had been my wallet with $20 in it. I guess I got so caught up int he kissing and feeling that I didn't feel her hand slip into my pocket. After she got my wallet she pushed me away from her and walked off without a word.
Since then she's been using me as a toy, seducing me then fucking me over when I'm at my weakest. Whether its a pockpocket, or shooting chemicals directly into my veins for a science project, she's always had an ulterior motive. As the years went on her motives have gotten more and more sinister. I decided it's in my best interest not to meet Liz in the garage and just let Missy kick my ass rather than wake up on a floatie in the middle of the pacific.

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