I pick her up at her school and then I take her to my house to fuck her

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In the middle of the night, I felt someone fingering me. I woke up to see that my father was fingering my pussy which excited me. I asked, “What are you doing daddy?” He said, “The thing that you wanted.”

I was about to say something. He kept his finger on my lips and kissing my neck said, “I know you want this, by the way, you dress, see me, I could feel it.” Slowly he brought his lips to mine and I kissed him. It was my first kiss and it felt magical.

Slowly his tongue was asking the permission to enter inside. So slowly we started tonguing each other and it was a unique feeling. Slowly I dragged my hand near his dick over his pant and felt it was hard so started pressing it. We broke the kiss and he pulled down the pants and pushed my head near to it and told me to suck it.

There I kept his dick near to my mouth and started sucking it. He said: “You suck better than your mother.” Then his white liquid oozed in my mouth and I swallowed it, it was tasty. Now he lifted me and threw me on the bed and started licking my pussy.

It was so orgasmic that after just a few licks I had an orgasm. Later, he laid out his rock hard dick and slowly inserted into my pussy. It was so painful to take his cock completely into me. That broke my seal. Seeing blood coming out of me, he kissed me and said, “Fucking you felt better than fucking your mother.”