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After that night…well, I’d had a taste of what he could give me, and I wasn’t giving it up. Not for Mom, not for societal norms, not for anything. My job, my new purpose in life was to please my step-brother, to let him use me however he liked…and if that caused the greatest pleasure I’d ever felt in my life, then that was just a fortunate by-product.

There’s something you don’t really hear about werewolves: their stamina is out of this world. Some weekends, he’ll sneak into my room at 6am, and not leave until late Sunday night. I’ve had to persuade Mom to buy me a bar fridge, just so that we don’t suffer malnutrition.

She knows, of course. We tried hiding it from her, at least at first, but we’re out of control now – it’s a struggle not to meet up in the middle of the school day and fuck. She’s set down some rules – we’re not allowed to miss school, I’m not allowed to get pregnant- but I think she knows better than to stand between a werewolf and his only release.

My pussy is always, always hungry now. As soon as he gets home from school, I slip into his room, and slip his cock inside me. I’ve started sleeping in one of his shirts, just so that I can have his scent with me wherever I go. I wake him up with a blow-job, and only leave his room when Mom comes in and forcibly makes me.

Sometimes Brandon feels guilty about it. Sometimes, after fourteen consecutive hours of fucking, he’ll sober up and tell me that we have to stop, that we’re brother and sister and it’s just not right…

…but as soon as I slip my mouth upon his cock, he shuts up, and lets his animal brain do the thinking for him.

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