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As she is telling me this I notice her legs opening and closing since we are sitting face to face her in a yellow short dress that I can see up to her naked pussy. I tell her that I’m not a boy anymore and that since dad can’t stop her I guess I will take over and stop her. While I’m telling her this her head is still starring at the floor her nipples are rock hard.she says almost in a whisper ok I am yours but how am I going to stop her urges for cock.

I get up move to her place my hand under her chin lift her eyes level with my crotch unzip my pants and pull out my 9″ cock now semi hard with this I smile. I tell her to suck it till it’s hard then I’m going to fuck you silly. She looks at it and starts stroking it saying you will need to force me then starts sucking on it. God it felt good her talent for sucking cock is fantastic.

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Just as she cums for the third time I pull out move in front of her and tell her to suck me and swallow my cum which she does. I feel my power over her and tell her she is mine alone from now on. She can still show herself to the other men but no more sex. That includes dad. She nods and says yes boss. I fucked her 3 more times that day.

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