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She sinks to her knees, her lips locks around his cock, her fingers slowly fondling his balls. Her highly skilled tongue teasing and rubbing his cock, drawing it out to its full length, he place his hands in her hair, watching as her mouth stretches out to envelope his cock.

She winks up at him and start to suck, moving her mouth slowly over his engorged cock. He keeps on watching as her lips, tongue and fingers tease and rub over his turgid cock, drawing a groan from him. He loved how she moved so slowly, teasing him, giving him pleasure as she worked herself up.

With a long slurping sound she pull off of his cock, standing up she straddle his lap, here soft breasts in his face. He lick one of her hard nipples as she start to lower herself onto his throbbing cock, he rests his hands on her lower back to help her keep her balance.

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