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That afternoon Sally had changed out of her school uniform and put on a tracksuit and a tee shirt. The tee shirt was long and baggy. But the tracksuit bottoms were tight, figure hugging in fact. Though the tee shirt, frustratingly I was almost surprised to admit, was so long that it pretty much covered her buttocks. Though, every now and again it would ride up. Providing a view of her spectacularly tight buns.

Over the last few months I’d become increasingly aware of the excellence of Sally’s figure. Not that she did anything to showcase it. Quite the opposite in fact.

We were in the kitchen, which looked out on to our small back garden. This backed on to fields and the edge of a wood. So we regularly had myriad birds flying in and out of it. Attracted by the nuts and scraps we put out for them.

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As further evidence of our bookish tendencies, we took delight in identifying the multiple species that visited. And had purchased a few textbooks to help us do this. Looking back it really is hard to imagine any ways we could have been more nerdy. With trainspotting about the only “geeky” pursuit we didn’t practice!

“Look, Jack, I think there’s a pied flycatcher,” Sally exclaimed. “That’s the first of those I’ve ever seen.”

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