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She clamped her thighs around my hand as she reached her release. At the same time I shot 4 or 5 hot strings of cum down her throat and into her mouth. She kept sucking as she bucked against my hand, moaning around my cock the entire time. I shot two or three smaller strings of my seed into her wanting mouth as she kept cumming in my hand. My cock was starting to get too sensitive for her to continue, but as she kept cumming she kept sucking and my body convulsed uncontrolably. She swallowed everything that I had to give and as her orgasm subsided, she came up to lay on my chest.

As we shared a passionate kiss, I could taste my cum in her mouth. That was something that we always shared, and I enjoyed. She laid her head on my chest.

As we were catching our breath I said "I'm sorry I came so fast. It is just the fact that I never get blow jobs anymore and on top of that, you have always been the best at sucking my dick."
"Its ok dear, no worries. You got me off."

We laid there for a little while longer while I rubbed her back and played with her hair. She started to rub my chest with her right hand.

"Why don't you get your dick sucked anymore?" She asked me.
"I don't know. She said she just doesn't like to do it anymore.." I responded, trailing off.
"Well that is a shame. I'll tell you what, since it looks like I will be living here for a while, anytime you want a bj, you call me and let me know you are coming, and I will be ready. I will at least suck you off, if you want more, you know you can have it."
"That would be nice." I told her.

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