Penetrating A Hot MILFs Ass

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They got down to business planning the party. Janelle had planned it out in advance. She already had worked out the day, the time, the menu, the details. Augie loved that, because what the hell did he know about party planning for a bunch of kids? So he nodded, went along with all of it, and when he asked about how much it would cost, she told him it would cost him nothing.

She had already talked to some parents who loved the idea and had agreed to pitch in to cover the costs and help with all of the logistics. They didn’t think Augie should pay a dime because he had volunteered his time from spring through summer, coaching their sons, had done a damn good job at it, and their boys were better because of it. They didn’t want Augie to have to do a thing.wanted to do it as a Thank You.

Augie was touched, his eyes watered. “I’ll get a cake,” he croaked.

Janelle smiled. “Okay. You can bring a cake.”

In less than an hour the plans were done and the pitcher was running on empty.

“Want to take a dip?” Janelle asked.

“Uh, I don’t know,” Augie replied. “I didn’t bring a suit.”

“Doesn’t matter.”

He looked around. “What about Jeff?”

“He’s off to a friend’s house. Won’t be back until tomorrow. It’s just us.” She let that hang there, looking him in the eyes. “Or,” she continued, “Why don’t we sit in the Jacuzzi? It’s very relaxing. Tell you what. You get comfortable in the Jacuzzi while I get us some more drinks. I’ll join you in a couple minutes.”

She rose from the table, picked up the pitcher and turned and headed toward the kitchen. Augie admired the silhouette of her ass and upper thighs behind her translucent wrap as she walked. He kicked off his shoes and pulled off his shirt, then he stood and took off his pants.

He folded his clothes and put them on the chair. With his boxers on, he walked to the tub and lowered himself into it. The cool water surrounded his body and sweaty balls and felt glorious after sitting at the table in the sticky heat. He sat back and relaxed as the sun began to sink behind the side of the house, slowly bringing shade to the pool area.