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He takes hold of her other breast, squeezing the copious flesh and pinching the hard nipple, he can’t help but think how good it would be to have Maryse moaning into the other girl’s pussy, lapping up her juices while her own pussy clutched his hard cock, he got to admit that he like the idea…he like the idea a lot. As Maryse’s body starts to convulse against him, her pussy clamping around his hard shaft, he pull from her breast, grabbing her hair and pull her down for a hard, breathless kiss..

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 Mere seconds later she screams, the sound muffled by his mouth as she sits down heavily on his lap, the convulsions of her muscles drawing his orgasm out and he groan as his cum erupts deep inside her, their bodies convulsing together, their tongues finding each other and entwining as their orgasms wash over them. Finally she pulls away from him and brush her hair out of her face, he looks up at her, his hands idly stroking over her ass and lower back. She crosses her arms on his chest and leans closer, her eyes inspecting him as their mixed fluids slowly seeped from her and dripped from his balls.

“You sir are one very kinky man,”

he chuckle,

“Is that a complaint I hear?”

She smile and kiss the tip of his nose,

“Oh not at all, you might just wear a girl out or make her used to such royal treatment.”

He smile and continue with the exploration of her silky skin

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