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…..Those were the words I loved to hear. We’d have to hurry so we didn’t get caught. I loved the way she said them breathlessly in my ear. That meant she was horny and she wanted a quick fuck. We had done this before and we were good at it. We could fuck standing up very fast. She was a moaner and she would bury her mouth in my neck and muffle her moans. I loved her breathing hard with those sexy moans.
She had already excited herself and was now ready to risk a much needed fuck she wanted. She needed a lot of affection and now was getting it.

….. Running my fingers across her back in passing would make her gasp and grab for my hand to put it where she wanted it, if it was safe from detection. I could touch her anywhere in the house at any time and her eyes would roll back in her head as they closed. I could watch the chill bumps follow my fingers if I just touched her arm. Her little gasps for air were so sexy to me. If I stood behind her and snuck in a back of the neck kiss, she automatically leaned back and pushed her ass into my cock.

.... I had learned all of her sensitive spots and used them to watch her get excited. I use to do it close in front of her sisters and pretend I was sneaking in a feel and her sisters could not see us. This made her sisters excited too. If I looked at her sisters, they would quickly looked away, pretending they had not seen me, but their tell tail smiles let me know they had.

….She would whisper: (“…Stop, my sisters can see you doing that.”) She would make a lame attempt to stop or move my hands, making it ’look good’ if someone saw us.
.I was ’fucked out’ for a short while after that. There was still sis 2 to be filled on my score card. Sis 2 was quiet, smart and like to play little games with me. Once in the hallway we passed and she stopped and felt my cock. I put my arms around her and said: “I hear you have a boyfriend and….a boyfriend on the side….so why are you feeling me up. She smiled and said: “I know what’s going on with you and my mom and sisters. If you want me….you’ll have to beg me for it Erick. I’m not a pushover like they are.” She looked at me with a little smile and one raised eyebrow.

….I dropped to my knees. She had on a red full skirt. She was the shortest sister and had the biggest tits. I put my hands on her legs and worked them slowly up. She had really nice legs. I mumbled as my hands continued up. “What’s that Erick, I can’t hear you Erick did you say something about ’begging’???” I lifted up the skirt to find a tiny thong running right down her slit and to one side of her clit. I said quietly: (“Shhh, I’m talking to your clit.”) She giggled as I spoke. “Oh beautiful clit, let me lick you please, my tongue wants you so bad,…in fact I’m ’begging’ you to let me lick you.”

….I felt her hands on the side of my head. She slowly teased me by pushing her clit close to my mouth. “What was that word again Erick? Say it again for me. “ She was breathing hard as she moved her now swollen clit oh so close to my out stretched tongue. I love the aroma of pussy, and I could feel the heat and aroma from hers. I looked up at her big tits and smiling face and said: “I forgot the word.” She jammed her clit right into my tongue. She rubbed her clit on my tongue and started moaning. She said: “Your tongue is knocking on the door…(pause for breath)…but the password is ’beg’, Erick. I stood up and said: “I’ll try and remember that…but I really don’t have time for you sis.” I turned smiling to walk away, she grabbed my arm. She said: “Oh no, once you lick my clit, that is ’tongue begging’ and now you have to make my clit happy….I…a….”

…..I slowly started kissing her neck and licking it. I said: “If my tongue is doing all the begging, I better make all of you happy.” She gasp and moaned …”..your cheating…that’s not fair…I mphlhp.” I kissed her quivering lips as she tried to talk. I felt those big tits move up and down in my hands. She tried to whisper: (“..not here in the hallway.”) We headed for the bathroom. We locked the door as buttons and zippers flew open. Her bra opened in the front and out popped those tits, all white and full. I licked them and nipples too. I turned her around and bent her over the sink. I lifted up her skirt and pulled her thong down.

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