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I looked at Kyle expecting him to be weirded out, but his eyes were filled with lust. Kyle, not being able to stand it anymore, flipping me over. I gave a shriek of surprise and then another gasping squeal as I felt Kyle enter me, thrusting every bit of himself into me. It felt so strange, I had never had anything as big or long before. “I want you so badly,” Kyle moaned in my ear. I let out a whimper in reply, still comprehending how deep he was.

Kyle grabbed my two breast and massaged them, letting out another loud moan. He was pounding me so hard I let out a Yelp of submission. “F-faster!” I cried, grasping onto Kyle. He let out a hiss as I dug my nails into his skin. I bit my lip, trying not to cry from the extreme pleasure he was giving me. I began to tremble under him as his fast pumping made me feel weak and so alive at the same time. The friction and momentum was making my head spin. All I felt was my wall slowly climaxing… Climaxing… “I-I’m going to–” I didn’t even have to say it for Kyle to realize what was happening.

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He pounded me faster, my body arching to meet his member. The intense pleasure went from medium to slowly higher and higher. I tensed my muscle around his member as I tightened my legs. What finally threw me into spasms was his member twitching and stiffening up as he groaned. I felt hot liquid shoot into me, coating my insides and making me feel twice as overheated. I could feel the thick overload of his shot spilling out, mixed with my thinner liquid. kept squirting out my liquid along with his thick white cum. could feel him twitching inside me, occasionally squirting some left over juice into my overflowing walls. Kyle slowly pumped in and out of me, my walls feeling sore.

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