Spy on my step sister when she does Yoga

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I laid her down on my bed, keeping our lips pressed against eachothers. She moaned with delight as my tongue toyed with hers, until i felt her hand on my back. I leaned up and saw the lustful look she was giving me, the same one I see her give me in class when I look up from my desk. I always wondered what that was about, i mean, she's one of the hottest bitches in school and i was...average. I'm a good athlete, but too lazy to play a sport competitively, and I'm smarter than my grades reflect, but it's just too easy to think about other things in class. Why someone like Skylar Union would want anything to do with someone like me is a mystery...but fuck if i was gonna question her motives.

"What?" she asked, making me realize I've been staring at her this whole time.

"Nothin," i said grinning. She bit her lower lip and looked me over like she'd do in class.

"C'mon sexy," she whispered, grabbing the growing bulge in my pants "show it to mama."

I immediately stood up and started tearing clothes off my body, and by the time i was finished a huge grin had stretched across her face.

"Wow..."she nodded, looking me up and down "anyone ever tell you you should model? Like, for real."
I shrugged the comment aside, jumped into the bed and continued making out with her while she stripped. When I leaned away she threw her shirt and bra over her head and on the floor. She laid back down seductively and waited for me to do something. Just going for it, I started running my tongue around her left nipple while grabbing her right breast in my hand. She groaned and quivered a bit, slowly arching her back, prompting me to slide my free hand down to her pussy.

"Uuuhgn..." she moaned as i slowly rubbed the lips with two fingers. I looked up at her face to watch her expression to judge my work. Her eyes were still observing me, and her mouth was sort of open and smiling as she was beginning to breathe heavy. When she saw me look up at her she winked and licked her lips, instantly getting me hard. Then I used my thumb and brushed it gently against her clitoris.

She gasped in surprise and pleasure, arching her back even higher and pulling my head closer to her breast until I nearly choked. Inspired by her gasps, i slowly inserted a finger into her pussy. This got her gasping even louder, to a point where she had to bury her face in my pillow to keep quiet. As her moans quickened she started gyrating her hips against my fingers.

"Fuck, I'm cumming!" she cried from under the pillow. I removed the pillow from her face and kissed her as my fingers rubbed her clitoris even faster than before.
Eventually her moans reached a climax and my hand became wet with her cum. She grabbed my arm and brought my hand up to her mouth, and looking me in the eye, started giving my fingers head. This got me so hard I couldn't take it anymore. I popped my fingers out her mouth and flew back to the middle of the bed, lining my dick up to her pussy. She threw her left leg over my shoulder and started pulling me closer as I began pushing my way inside her tight pussy. Fortunately, she was so wet I just slid right in. We both groaned with ecstasy the deeper i pushed in. I slowly started pumping my hips, getting motivation from her whimpers.

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