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“The Princess exclaimed, ‘Of course I will marry you, as long as it means I get this every night,’ as she bounced on the prince’s dick happily ever…” I said, as I gently closed the book.

Breathless, my daughter looked up at me. “Okay, daddy. You finished the story. Will you *please* fuck me now?” She looked so hopeful, her naked body covered in sweat, and still exhausted from her own orgasm.

I tossed the book onto her dresser, lifted my daughter’s pussy over my erect cock, and slowly lowered her down. Inch after inch disappeared into her wondrously tight pussy, made possible only by her well lubricated walls. Still exhausted, and now impaled on her daddy’s dick, she felt almost like a ragdoll. I rolled my hips, slowly fucking her, while her gasps became contented purrs. My hands, now both free, roamed her chest and snatch.

When she had finally started to recover, she sat forward and began riding my dick in earnest. Her round bottom had my full attention. She would raise up until my cock head was all that remained inside her, then slowly slide back down until my full length was completely inside her again.

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“Mmmm, daddy. You fill me up so good. I can feel every bit of you inside me. No matter what, you better not stop until I’m full of your cum. Promise?”

“I promise, sweetie. I’m going to give you the best bedtime story yet.” I pulled her body back close to mine and stood up with her still impaled. I wrapped my hands around her hips as my dick pushed into her silky depths.. Her legs wrapped around behind me, and she hooked her feet in at my thighs.

She arched her back, reached over, and grabbed hold of my head. She let out a groan as I was buried even deeper into her already strained cunt. She turned her head, and we passionately kissed. Her mouth tasted all the sweeter knowing her kisses belonged only to me.

I started lifting her off of me, before letting her own weight drive her back down onto my dick. Each time I did, she gasped out. I stretched her walls with each stroke, and every few strokes she would lightly shake as the tremors of smaller orgasms built up in her body. I knew neither of us had much longer before we went completely over the edge, so I increased my tempo, driving my prick into her tiny cunt faster and harder, and her gasps became louder and higher pitched.

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