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Your big brother’s so cute,” said Patty. “Step-brother” said Sherry with a hint of anger in her voice. “Well fine then, step-brother!” Patty corrected. “If he was my step-brother I’d be all over him!”

Well I kinda guess he is kinda hot, but he’s my step-brother and that still seems a little bit wrong to me, don’t you think so, Patty?” Sherry replied, scowling. “Ha! Patty yelled. That’s brave talk for a virgin!” Said Sherry.

“You’re a virgin too!” Patty almost yelled.

Mike was lying on the couch listening to the two girls talking about him. Imagining how tight his step-sister and her friend would feel between their legs. He quickly thought about the time he’d seen Sherry getting out of the shower before she had grabbed her towel.

His dick had started to harden and make a tent in his shorts. He started rubbing it and it started to get way harder and crawl down his leg.

He covered himself with his blanket so if the girls came out of the room and into the living room they wouldn’t notice.

The time was now 10:00 PM and Mike had laid there for an hour eavesdropping on the girls and thinking about how they would both look naked with their legs wide-open.

Eventually he put himself to sleep, his cock still hard.

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The time was now just after midnight; Patty woke up and was thirsty so she decided to go get a glass of water. A little scared that Mike was still up and would see her in her underwear and t-shirt but then again he’s most likely in his room anyway. Patty quietly got up and slowly made her way to the kitchen.

She walked barefoot into the kitchen and grabbed a cup of water.

Then she noticed that the TV in the family room was on and she decided to turn it off, so she sneakily walked into the room and past the couch that Mike was sleeping on and noticed he had a big hard on through the blanket.

She had no idea if he was wearing his shorts or only his briefs but she decided to try and take a peak at it. So she gently lifted the blanket off of him and saw the big bulge in his jockey shorts.

“Holy shit, it’s huge!” She mouthed silently, her eyes wide. After seeing how big the bulge was she really wanted to see it for herself.

So she decided to try and put her hand down inside his briefs. She managed to get her fingers into the waistband of his briefs, his pubic hair tickling her fingers.

Mike felt something pulling at his waistline and slowly opened his eyes.

He looked down his body to see Patty in nothing but a white sports bra and some tight little white panties that hugged her still growing, thirteen-year-old ass tightly.

She slipped her hand in until she could wrap it around his cock.

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“What are you doing?” Mike said slyly. “Oh my god!” Patty jumped and straightened up behind the couch. “Uh… Umm…” “It’s okay if you really wanna see it, you know…” He said. “I was just a little curious, I mean, it looked so big through the blanket and I’ve never seen a real, hard penis before and…” He cut her off, “Shhhhh… If you wanna see it, just ask. And don’t wake anyone else up, OK?”

“Okay… Can I see it Mike?” She whispered nervously. He stood up and pulled his briefs down to his ankles and his completely hard dick came up and slapped him in the abdomen.

“Oh…my… God… It’s fucking huge!” She breathed as she stared at his large, hard dick.

“Can I touch it?” She said slyly. “Go for it!” He said, staring down at the small wet spot appearing in the front of Patty’s little white panties.

She got down on her knees, and wrapped her hand around it, the size of her hand looking real small compared to the size of his dick.

She started slowly stroking it from the head to the root. “Hey? I thought you said you’ve never seen a dick before, let alone know what to do with one,” he said. “It’s the first one that I’ve ever seen in person, but I’ve seen enough porn on my computer to know what I’m doing,” she said, looking up at him with a sexy grin.

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