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Her pink nipples were so erect that they could just pop right then and there. Instantly I started to suck on her right boob all around while holding and squeezing it with my hand and massaging the other one with my other hand. It didn’t take me long to switch them up. I was going back and forth on her breast squeezing them, thirsting her nipples and batting them, and in doing so my sister let out the sexiest moans ever. When she had enough of me playing with her boobs she took my head in her arm and kissed me. She went down my neck undid my bathrobe and kissed me down all the way through my nipples biting each one a bit, through my belly button she did the same thing to me as I did to her and stopped at my cock.
“Huh.. so this is what I cock looks like up close ehh…I’ve got to say not bad.”
“Have you ever seen a cock before?”
“No, not in person. But I have seen in the pornos I watched. And yours may not be as big as most that I’ve seen but I love It.” she said while stroking my cock and giving it a kiss on the head. Before she could give me another kiss I took her head in my hands, gave her a kiss and said “”Want to do it in the 69 position?” “Isn’t that for lesbians?” “Mainly yes but if you sit on my face and give me a blowjob we could do it as well.” “Ok let’s do it.”
I laid on the bed fully naked and as my sister was removing her pants I told her to keep the underwear because I wanted to remove it later. She then sat on my face, lowered herself on my body and I cloud feel her boob pressing against me. She took my cock in her hand stroking it up and down letting out soft moans as I liked her pussy trough her sexy black panties my sister put the head of my cock in her mouth and started sucking it nice and slow putting her tong in my peed hole. As I sucked her pussy I put my hand around her hips and started to finger her asshole trough her panties. With that she started to give me a full length blowjob while massaging my balls. A few moments later my sister cummed so hard that she fully soaked her panties and not long after I followed by cumming in her mouth and on her face.

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