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Ava…Please I want you to feel just as good as you make me feel.”

Even though I wanted the feeling of Ava’s mouth on my penis as soon as possible I knew that it was only fair to make sure she was able to experience the feelings that she gave to me.

Ava slid back on her bed and pushed her covers over to the side. She slid her pajama bottoms off giving me another amazing view of her young vagina. “We can do it to each other at the same time.” Ava whispered motioning me to her bed.

I understood what Ava was implying at and crawled onto her bed stopping every time it creaked for fear of waking our parents up. I crawled over her until my penis was over her mouth and I was staring directly at her bare vagina.

We both were filled with giddy excitement at the possibility of how this could possibly feel any better than what we experienced. Ava reached her hand over and grabbed my bum pushing my penis closer towards her mouth. I took a deep breath and prepared myself to bring Ava pleasure through my mouth. I knew that the stuff I shot tasted good, but what about Ava’s juices? What if it was nasty?

I could feel Ava’s warm breaths against my penis and my heart raced with excitement at what we were doing right now. I readied myself and lowered my lips to softly kiss her hairless vagina. Feeling my lips press against her smooth wet vagina was incredible to me and judging from Ava’s soft gasp it felt good for her as well.

I used my tongue to lick around Ava’s vagina and found the parting off her pussy lips and gently thrust my tongue inside causing her body jolt. Ava let go of my body and covered her mouth as she fought back a massive groan. “Just like that Cody.”

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