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..Her mom was the most fun of all. I could just get her semi-alone and stand behind her and whisper how nice her hair looked. I made sure my breath was felt on the back of her neck. I told her how her perfume aroma was intoxicating to me. I would watch her take a big breath and turn her head, look back and whisper back quietly… (“…why…thank you Erick...I‘m so glad you like my hair and perfume. I have a new bra too and I love the way it fits me, did you notice?”)
(“I sure did, but I didn’t want to embarrass you by saying something.”)
(“Oh….don’t worry about that Erick, we can always duck around a corner and you can always tell me how I look to you.”)
….Her hand came back and just touched my jeans. She felt the material and said: (“…are these new jeans?…they look so nice and tight on you.”). I felt her breathing get heavy. She was getting real hot. I put my arms around her waist. Her hand stayed on my leg, but now advanced to the inside of my leg. She warmly rubbed her hand up and down. I raised my arms up under her tits. I pulled us tight together, placing my semi erection between her butt cheeks.

.....This was the furthest we’d ever gone and her body was very hot in my hands. The last sister yelled goodbye and left. Now we were alone. Mom raised my arms with her other hand, up and gently rubbed it over her tits. For the first time she moaned and pushed her butt back into me. I figured I could do more. I dropped one arm and took my hand and felt gently above her pussy, on her lower tummy. More moans and heavy breathing. She breathlessly whispered: (“Let’s lock the door….and go to the couch.”) Bingo, she was wanting more. I had a little contest with myself as to who I would fuck first, mom or youngest sis 3. Mom was winning out.
I slipped my cock in her wet pussy from behind. She ‘moan talked’ and said quietly: “…you son of a bitch, you just like my big titties don’t you…Oh damn….you better hold my arms back so I don’t try and get away…yes! …now pull my hair….Yes!…fuck me you bastard…you want me bad, don’t you Erick…hold me tight and fuck me hard!”

…..The was certainly different from the other sisters. She liked it rough as I held her tight and fucked her hard. “Squeeze my titties you love so much, fuck me harder Erick!” she moaned. Her ass was bucking back on me hard as she began to gasp for air and began to climax. “Harder!” she moaned. I fucked her as fast and hard as I could. Her whole body began to shake as she bit my arm. “YES! Baby…YES!” she gave out a long moan and got red in the face as I shot a big load in her pussy. She rubbed her own clit fast and bucked back hard. I grabbed both her big tits and held on tight.

..... She took her hand away from her wet clit and started licking her own fingers as I kept shooting in her. She finally went weak and just panted for air. She took my fingers and rubbed them on her clit, then she licked them along with hers. I guess she liked the taste of her own pussy and my cum. She kept moaning and licking our fingers. As I pulled out of her, she put her fingers at her pussy and caught the overflow of cum. In her mouth it went, sucking her fingers. She turned and got on her knees, she licked my cock absolutely clean…..

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