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Natalie was completely naked. I was in aw of her beautiful twenty three years old petite body. I could not see a single flaw. C size tits were perfect with light colored nipple. Her belly was flat and her legs were open, showing off her freshly shaved pussy.  right hand rested on her inner thigh and glistened with a thin coat of what looked to me to be pussy juice. Her wings were open and I could see a milky transparent cream seeping from her hole. I figured she fell to sleep masturbating

My cock was swollen at that point. I knelt down and took a slow deep breath through my nose just inches from Natalie’s young cunt. Her scent mixed with the fresh scent of soap was beyond arousing. All I could do is fight myself from licking her girly looking pussy but I knew that I better not.

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I snuck out of her room and returned to my recliner. I slid my hand down my shorts and massaged my cock while fantasizing about fucking my daughter but after a few minutes I lost interest and got up to get me a drink and snack from the fridge.

At that time Natalie came out of her room in search of something to eat. She was wearing a silky red tank top with thin shoulder straps and yoga shorts. She stood in front of me and surprisingly she wrapped her arms around me. I embraced her tightly. I could feel her sobbing and hear her sniffling. Her shampoo smelt so good. Neither of us said a word. I figured she needed a hug and it felt good to have one from her.

She slipped away after a couple minutes and the way she turned away from me my hand ran across her round tit. She didn’t seem concerned.