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One night, after I had reached the ripe old age of sixteen and a half, I was in my room and it was hot because we didn’t have air conditioning. I walked out on the small balcony that opened up to my bedroom I looked across the back yard and saw this girl beginning to undress in the house in back. he ran down stairs to the garage and got my Dads binoculars. I looked across at this girl and recognized her as one who had just started at my high school. She was real cute and when she took off her cloths I could see her nice round tits. They were about the same size as Tina’s.

She stood there for a minuet looking out right at me. I thought she must see me but because I hadn’t turned on the lights she couldn’t. She just turned and went back toward her closet and put on a nightgown. I was fascinated and pulled up a chair and watched her comb her hair. Just then a man walked into the bedroom and I could tell she was afraid of him and she was shaking her head and I could tell she was saying I don’t want to. The man pushed her down on the bed and lifted up her gown and undid his pants. He took his cock out and forced it into her pussy.

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He pounded her with his cock for about two minuets and then he pulled out of her and let his cum spill out onto her belly. He got up and buttoned his pants and said something to her as he walked out. Our House is a little higher than hers and I could see everything that happened. I watched him almost every night repeat the same thing. He would come in and fuck her and after words she would lie on her bed and cry.

I wondered what the heck was going on. After about a week of this I decided to find out. I came across her at school and I asked her if she would have a coke after school with me. She said sure. We talked about school and where she use to live in Kentucky, and she said her name was Becky. I asked her why she seemed so sad. She started to cry and got up and ran off. The next day I saw her walking home from school I ran and caught up with her. She smiled and apologized for how she had acted. I said that’s OK, why don’t we stop off at the park and we can talk some more. She said OK, and I bought her a coke

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