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“He couldn’t do that so easy if she wasn’t real wet,” said Warwick.

Miller grabbed Mom’s hair again, and pulled her down onto his lap. “Suck it for a while,” he ordered. Mom whimpered, but obeyed. She leaned over on one elbow, opened her mouth wide, and wrapped her lips over Miller’s bulbous purple dick head. I could hear Mom’s lips make slurping sounds as she slid down and up on the glistening cock.

“Oh, that’s good, Mary. Good girl. Let’s get comfortable.” Miller stood up then and straddled the table, sitting his bare ass on it and sticking his cock up in the air. He made Mom stand up at the end of the table, and lean over. She put her elbows on the table, with her head between Miller’s legs, and her ass up in the air. Both of the big cops played with her dangling tits, and Miller made Mom suck his cock again. Mom’s eyes looked up at Miller’s as he told her how he wanted his cock sucked.

Coleman lit a cigarette, and then stood at the end of the table, behind Mom, between her thighs. He unzipped his fly and pulled out an erect cock. He rubbed it along her thighs, and then slapped it on her ass. With his cigarette dangling from his mouth, he laid his cock on her ass crack and slid the shaft between her cheeks.

“Come on, put it in her,” I thought to myself.

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