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Kentucky but her step Dad had insisted she come with them and her mother agreed. I asked why she had run off the day before, had I made her mad? She said no, it wasn’t that she just had a lot on her mind. Finally I said, look, you know I live right behind you and the other night I was on my balcony and I saw this man I guess it was your step-dad come into your bedroom and he pushed you down on the bed and fucked you. He has been doing that almost every night to you, and I can tell you don’t want him to do it, so why do you let him.

She began to cry and she was sobbing almost uncontrollably. I held her against my chest until she calmed down. She said that He had been doing that to her since she was eleven years old. He said he would kill her if she told any one. mom said that she tried to tell her mother but she wouldn’t believe her. She said he loved them both and wouldn’t do anything like that. She said that her step-dad almost beat her to death for telling her Mom so now she just puts up with it.

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Her mother works every night until about nine o’clock and that’s why her step-dad always comes in about seven to rape/fuck her. She said she figured that if she took no pleasure in it eventually he would stop. I said no, that’s not the way, he will just keep doing it and you will ruin your whole life. Making love should be a pleasure not a burden. I said I would take care of it and she didn’t have to do anything. I called the police and told them what I saw. That it appeared like this man was raping this young girl every night. They sent a policewoman over to my house. I had told Mom and Tina about it and they agree that what I did was right.

That night about seven he came into her bedroom and when she tried to push him away shaking her head no that she didn’t want him to. He slapped her and he spun her around and bent her over and shoved his cock into her and fucked her doggy fashion. It seemed like he hardly got started when he was finished and he pushed her down on the bed and walked out. The policewoman had a telegraphic camera and took about 20 pictures. She thanked me and said she would get in touch. The next day they arrested him and took him to jail.

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(Later on, I testified at the trial and her step-dad was sentenced to 17 years in prison). She didn’t come to school the following day or the next, so I stopped by her house to see if everything was all right. She came to the door and smiled at me and invited me in. told me her Mom was real mad at her for letting him do that to her and she was very sorry she had not believed her. I said that her mother would get over it and now they both could get on with their lives. Her Mother divorced him right away. Her name was Becky and we started dating.

We got along real well, and we had many things in common. I didn’t try to fuck her for quite a while and it didn’t matter because I was still making love to Mom and Tina almost every night. One night after the movies we drove to the park and we began to kiss. She was very passionate and responded to my kisses but when I put my hand between her legs she froze. I said that’s OK she had been through a lot and I wouldn’t do anything she didn’t want me to. We would mostly just talk after that; but some times when I was kissing her she would let me play with her breasts. She would get real hot and her breathing would really increase.

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