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Honey, I want you to know that I love you.” When my mother spoke these few words, she began to lightly pat my bottom with the paddle.

In a soft whimpering voice, I said. “I love you too, Mom.”

“Honey, I’m afraid that the next twenty are going to have to be harder.”

I cringed, when out of the corner of my eye, I saw that my mother had raised her arm. As promised, the next twenty or so strokes were much harder than the first…and each time the paddle connected with my bare bottom; I screamed out. I sensed that during this part of the spanking…my feet had begun to kick. The panties I had worn…had slipped down to my ankles…and I felt my feet kicking them off…sending them flying in whatever direction.

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Once again, my mother told me that I had a few minutes to rest. My bottom seemed to be on fire…and now, I could only guess as to how red it had become. Using her hand, my mother began to caress my entire bottom. In time, my whimpering had ended…and I felt my body squirm; I was responding to her touch. At one point, my mother grasped my ass cheeks and spread them apart…her sharp fingernail came into contact with my anus. There was a certain amount of wetness…and so, I knew she had applied her saliva to her finger. I held my breath…in a slow circular motion…a very sensitive part of my body was being examed. When my mother spoke, her voice seemed unsteady. “Later…I think I should probably check your temperature.”

Another moment went by…my mother released my ass cheeks from her grasp. Her fingernail wasn’t touching my anal opening…that wonderful sensation had elapsed. Before falling asleep…I knew that that sensation would return; my heart skipped a beat. mother was going to take my temperature. My mother’s breathing had been erractic…and now, I sensed that her breathing was back to being normal.

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