Step Sister and Creampis When Brother Is In Charge

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Oh god. That was amazing little bro.” she said calming down from her orgasm.
“You betcha. God dam sis your sooooo hot.”
“Ohh thank you little bro! You really sexy as well.”
“Were not done yet by the way!” I said as I flipped her over on her back next to me and when straight to her face to give her a French kiss. As I explored all around her mouth my cock was getting hard again rubbing itself against her clit trough her panties. When it was fully hard again I removed her panties and asked her “Sis can I give you my virginity?”
“Of course little bro just please be gentle. I’m still a virgin as well and haven’t even broken my hymen yet.”
Hearing that made my heart go wild with excitement. I rubbed the head of my cock a little more on the full length of her pussy and slowly started to push in. Little by little I inserted my cock in her and when I reached her hymen I stopped and asked her if she was ready. She nodded and bit her lower lip afraid of the pain but then I kissed her opening her lips for my tong. Gently and slowly I slid my cock I her breaking her hymen and when it I was all the way inside I stooped to let her a just to the felling. Her pussy was so tight and wet but also so welcoming for me that it was like made just for me and nobody else. It fit me like a glove and that helped Patty to get used to my cock quickly.
Slowly I started to move my cock in and out of her increasing the length and speed with every few stock’s. With every stoke we both were moaning so lovingly out of pleasure and lust.
“Ohh…yeah little bro. Fuck me! Fuck your big sister! Just like that. Take me! Make me yours. Make me yours now and forever.”
“Ohh..sis your pussy is so wet and tight. It like it was made just for me. Oh sis I love. I love you.”
“Ohh..little bro. Yes! my pussy was made just for you. Take it! Take it all! Along with my whole body. I’m yours little bro. I’m yours now and forever.”

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