Step-sister Bangs Her Step-brother

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“Ava, ew that came out of my penis.” I said horrified

“It tasted good to me, try it!” I opened up my mouth and she placed her finger into my mouth allowing me to suck my cum off of her finger. To my surprise it actually tasted pretty good, considering it came out of my penis. Ava looked at me with an expectant kind of ‘I told you so’ look.

“Yeah, okay it does kinda taste good.” I confess.

Ava gave a deep satisfied sigh and looked over my cum covered body. “I cannot believe that mom and dad weren’t going to tell us about this, it’s fantastic!”

I laugh “Yeah, I don’t know why they didn’t want us to experience something that felt this good.”

“Probably because it is evil and sinful.” Ava said with air quotes.

We both burst out laughing and began to sit up from the bed, I looked over to the clock and to my shock it was already the middle of the afternoon. “Ava….the time.”

Ava looked over at the clock and frowned. “Oh, we probably shouldn’t be like this when they come back.”

“Yeah..” I muttered as the realization of this being over came flooding over me. We both looked at each other with uncertainty, would we ever get to do something like this again? Because our parents sure would not allow it to happen.

“Cody?” Ava said softly

“Yeah?” I responded

“Promise me that this does not end here.”

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