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I don’t remember the rest of my clothes being ripped off, or Brandon carrying me into his room. I do remember the music – the strong, deep, thumping music, resonating throughout my entire body with each of my step-brother’s thrusts. Because he fucked me – of course he fucked me. He wanted it, I needed it, and I was extremely persuasive. As soon as the wolf took over, he brought me to his room, lay me down on the bed, parted my thighs, and took me as his own.

It was glorious. Like I said, I’ve been fucked before, but never like this…with every thrust, my entire body tingled. He wasn’t making love to me, he was taking me, owning me. I gave him everything I had, and he took it – and more. I’ve never even thought of taking a man in my ass before, but after he’d fucked my pussy twice, Brandon flipped me over and took me from behind without even asking.

My favorite part, if I had to pick just one, was the moment of orgasm. Not mine – my orgasm wasn’t so much a “moment” as it was a stream: the second his beautiful big cock-head parted my pussy lips, I started cumming, and it didn’t finish until he did.

No, my favorite moment was Brandon’s orgasm. His eyes went red, his cock felt like it doubled in size, and he howled as he pumped into me, used his little slut sister for his own pleasure. We didn’t use a condom – neither of us owned any, and even if we had, we couldn’t have paused to put one on. He fucked his sister raw, bareback, and when he came I felt it splashing inside me, filling me up.

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