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His step-sister had heard the commotion. She’d come out to investigate. She thought I had a bad experience with my first time having sex. Well, it was, but up until Kurt came in me, I had enjoyed myself. When she saw my new futa-dick—her words to described my transformed clit—she lost all control of herself. She sucked my new cock off then I fucked her pussy hard.

“Kurt,” I said, reaching out to him as he backed away. He ran a hand through his short, red hair. “I’m sorry, Kurt.”

“Th-that’s a… That’s a…” Then he turned and bolted.

“Kurt!” I shouted.

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I went to step out of the shower and go after him, my futa-dick bouncing before me, but Janice caught my arm. The brunette pulled me back against her body, her soaked t-shirt thrust up and over her cum-smeared breasts. When she first found me, I had just been masturbating my new cock, and I spurted all over her.

“Where are you going?” she moaned, grabbing my dick.

“After your brother,” I said. “I have to make this right.”

“And what about me?” Janice’s nineteen-year-old face rippled with a lusty hunger. “You pumped me full of your girl-spunk, and now you’re going to bail?”

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