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My cock twitched in my jeans, and I couldn’t help but stare at my stepsisters bare little behind as it wriggled side to side as she searched for another film.
Then after a good minute of this, she finally knelt back up, her dress slipped back down, and I quickly took a deep breath trying to calm myself down before she noticed.
“This one!” she said holding up a DVD, before quickly swapping it for the one I was watching.
Then once it began playing, she moved back to the sofa, and as she did, I swear she glanced down at my crotch and smiled, and it was then I realised, I had a pretty large bulge going on for anyone to see.

Quickly readjusting myself, I tried to hide it, but I think my stepsister had already seen it, and now she knew she had turned me on.
So, sitting beside me, a lot closer now, Hailey made herself comfortable, and that involved stretching her self out along the sofa and showing off those stunningly tanned long legs of hers, while she rested the rest of herself against my chest.
“Comfy?” she asked
“Yeah” I replied a little nervously.

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I then glanced down at her, and at this new angle I could see right down the front of her dress, and into the gap between her perky little boobs, and then I noticed the dress she was wearing, had risen up a little more, and was barely covering her crotch area.
Taking another deep breath I quickly looked back at the television again, wondering how far my stepsister was going to tease me like this, and why?

After a few minutes, things seem to be calming down, and I thought she was clearly busy watching the film she wanted to see, when I felt something touch the top of my leg, and looking down, her hand had now moved and rested on, the top of my thigh just inches from my semi hard cock.

Then as she rested against me, her hand began to gently rub back and forth against my leg, before it creeped over and a few seconds later it was sat on top of my crotch, pressing down on my bulge.
“Do you know what?” she said still staring at the television “This film is really dull too! We need to find some other way of entertaining ourselves!” then she gave my crotch a good hard squeeze.

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